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Monday, July 11, 2011


I now understand why people cater their kid's birthday parties. I totally get it.

I am EXHAUSTED. But in a really good way. For as much stress, and headaches, and backaches and work and sweat and a little blood and some this party was to organize and set up it was TOTALLY worth it. We all had a really good time.

(Special note of Thanks! to Uncle B who sent this adorable tutu all the way from sunny Cali for babygirl's b-day)

Pre-party I had EVERY INTENTION of taking pictures of the food and turning this into a WTGDDE post.

And didn't take any.


So! Menu was:
white bean and spinach hummus with veggie dipping sticks
chipotle and salsa with chips
fruit platter
green salad
cold black bean chili
mac and cheese
tuna mac salad
Great Nana pasta salad
baked beans
hamburgers, hot dogs and italian sausage with peppers and onions
and TWO kinds of cake and two sherberts

*pant pant pant*

I went a WEEEE bit overboard on the food (in fact, my fridge is still really full if anyone wants to come over for dinner).

And then, of course, that was the cake.

Oh. The. Cake.

We required a change of clothes because she had cake caked in the tulle of the tutu. And her eyelashes. And about a quarter pound up her nose.

Though by this point, although she was very well behaved, she was VERY tired.

And honestly didn't give a fat rat's ass about opening presents.

But all in all, a good day was had by all. And what was the winning present of the evening? I know you're wondering...

Crayons. Hundreds of dollars worth of toys and clothes. And she looses her shit over the crayons.


And that folks, is how we did the birthday.

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  1. Oh you know you wouldn't want her crayon loving, caked on cake-y self any other way! I swear all babies are programed to take their first birthday cake and squish it everywhere except their mouth. My theory is it has everything to do with the ritual cake cutting/smooshing/eating we do at our weddings... it seeps into our babies brain from our memories in the womb and then they take that and have to "outdo" us at their first cake related party. :oP