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Sunday, July 3, 2011

WTGDDE Ver 2.5

(What the Griffins Done Did Eat)

So I totally warned you that I would more than likely FAIL at the Thursday posting of this blog. But rest assured, I've been taking pictures of the more memorable meals.

But I want to take this time here and talk to you about food.

What food SHOULD do:
*nourish you
*taste good
*make you feel good
*help make good memories

What food SHOULD NOT do:
*make you feel guilty/bad about yourself

Food I feel, has much the same power at words: they only make you feel BAD if you let them. In this aspect 'fuck' and 'cheeseburger' are very similar. There is NOTHING wrong with either of them. But because of social stigma or pressure you say fuck, you feel bad. Or you eat a cheeseburger, you feel bad. I don't even KNOW what would happen if you ate a cheeseburger while fucking, I think your head might explode.

But, I digress...

Food. It's come to my attention through several people and sources that most food/mommy blogs end up making a person feel bad, or like a failure. People, that's REALLY not how shit rolls up in this joint. And you KNOW that. So how does this relate to food? Well, back when I did the first WTGDDE post I mentioned that I felt the vegan blogger posed her food. And you know what? I TOTALLY caught myself doing it. I told Todd "WAIT! Don't eat that! I need a picture!"


Yeah I know. I KNOW. So I'm altering this segment of the blog. It won't be a weekly thing. It may not even be bi-weekly. WTGDDE is going to pictures or stories about food that was nourishing/tasted good/and made us feel good as a family.

And it if winds up being two big macs from McDonald's and large chocolate shakes, so be it! Because let's be honest, it happens.


But, before I get to the pictures, there are some meals that deserve honorable mention that I didn't get pictures of. Namely:
*Charlotte's first time eating blueberries
*Eggplant not-Parmesan
*Charlotte's first taco from Taco Bell where she lathered sour cream into her hair like shampoo.

And now, onto the pictures!

Charlotte had eggo and pineapple.

Mom had cheerios and strawberries.

Don't remember what this meal was but MAN it sure looks tasty.

Italian porkchops with feta, sauted spring greens over brown rice and garlic cheese bread. Recipe avail upon request. It was fucking tasty.

So how do we feel about this variation on the blog? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Dirty jokes? No seriously...I want the dirty jokes...

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