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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bread 2: Homedid Boogaloo

WHEAT bread. I fucking bake that too!

So this isn't so much a "how to" post, but really more of an update. I tweaked my bread recipe...and holy's soooo tasty.

First off, make you sure are properly attired :)

New additions to the recipe! Butter and loaf pans, danish dough whisk and vital wheat gluten. The last one is $7 at walmart, which I thought was highway robbery, until I realized I only need a 1/4 cup or so per batch, so the price isn't too bad when you look at how much you'll be able to squeeze out of it.

This bread whisk thing is pretty awesome, doesn't get stuck like a spoon. I also got a new tupperware dish. This one will go in the fridge but ONLY overnight. I can't get the recipe to last the predicted two weeks. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. But no worries, I'll bake them both at the same time :)

So fridge your dough. Theeeeennnn...

Butter your tins and flour them good. Grandma taught me this one.

Stuff. Cover. Rise. Bake.

My friends, I can't even begin to tell you how DELICIOUS this smelled while baking. It was a dismal afternoon, house was a bit chilly. I was rocking the baby in her room, listening to Pink Floyd. We had a blanket. And the house was ripe with baking bread.

Happiness my friends, I so totally had it.

I fully intend to branch out and add oats on top next time. But these were my first attempts using the loaf pans. Baby steps.

But for the record, yes, the bread baking is STILL going. I have not bought ONE loaf of store bread since the original post.

Sometimes I'm so awesome it's painful.

More homedids coming soon hopefully. It's almost the end of October, which means soon holiday gifts will be under way in my house. Bread. Crayons. BBQ rubs. Candles? Not sure yet... But stay tuned.


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