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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A month of trying to see the positive

See, I done TOLD you I wouldn't blog every day. I loose steam. It's how I roll.

But all in all, this was sorta fun. I mean yeah, I had my down days, but who doesn't? It's freakishly inhuman to be happy all the time. But the point here was see that not EVERY day is a total shitshow waste.

I've had a few this month. Oh hot damn HAVE I...

today REALLY was on it's way to becoming one.

See, we had plans to go out and do adorable fall things as a family. With a pumpkin patch, and a dog show. And then it's all rainy and cool out and Todd and I decided it might not be such a hot idea. But that threw a huge monkey wrench in our plans. And then I discovered that from earlier that week there were still groceries in my morning was going downhill and FAST.

And then THIS happened:

Adorable baby in a blanket shennanigans!

And suddenly, quite without warning...we're all laughing and smiling and building a fort on the floor with the blanket.

And just like THAT, my day went from shit to win.

Yeah, that's my kid dancing ON the end table.

And then our day degraded into complete enjoyment.

And you know what, that's pretty much what I took away with this month. It's all about how the chips fall down at the end. Not if you have 27 fucking horrible days in a row, it's about bouncing back.

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