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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

I don't know about you, but I *love* the fall.

The colors and scents, leaves changing, THE FOOD, Halloween...

so many great great things.

And instead of posting my previously planned "ZOMFG GIFTMAS!!1!" post about my holiday preparations, I thought I would take a pause here to show a little appreciation for the CRAZY busy last half of October that we had in these parts.

We took Charlotte to the pumpkin patch this year. Again it rained, much like last year. But at least THIS year she was awake. :)


I went and did this little thing with my best friend. Namely, saw Cyndi Lauper in concert. Live. On stage. RIGHT in front of me. Totally deserves mentioning.

This was also the first year that Charlie was able to participate in the pumpkin carving.

However, it did NOT go exactly as planned. As you can clearly see, that pumpkin holds nothing but unhappiness.

So I did most of the work. I carved her's free hand and drew the stencils for Todd's and mine. Not to shabby I would say :)

We went to a Halloween party, but sadly, I don't have any pictures. I forgot the camera at home.

However, I did manage this one, of the night we took her trick or treating...

Why yes, that IS a Star Wars costume, thanks for asking :)

All in all, even after ALL the crap that went wrong this month, (Todd's car finally biting the dust and leaving me stranded at home every. day.) the last part smoothed out nicely through the chaos.

And today I was allowed a lazy day with my family. We got haircuts, we went grocery shopping and then hung around the house dancing and singing silly songs like "Under the Boardwalk" to the baby.

Tomorrow however, is day 52. As in:

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: There are only 52 more shopping days until Christmas!

Which means all SORTS of things for me. Namely, I have to start working on the cards. I have to write a list of who I am making what presents for this year. I have to gather my supplies. And then yeah, MAKE all the presents. This is going to be a VERY busy 52 days, but we're in this together!



Well, I'm posting through it. Not every day. But rest assured that you will get step by step instructions how to create a budget and kid friendly homedid ghetto prairie Christmas.

So what are YOU doing for giftmas this year? Lemmie know!

Love and face punches,


  1. I has such grand plans for having all my homedid presents done by far all I have done is the peach butter but there will be more to come :)

  2. Well, I plan on starting next week. One project a week. *sardonic chuckle* That's the PLAN at least. But you know...something about plans and men...or mice...I don't remember.

  3. I'm starting this week on the liquor, and ordering my candy making supplies. Canning to follow.