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Monday, November 28, 2011

Homedids fo' kids

Disclaimer: If you don't know want to know what your kids are getting for Christmas from me, stop reading!

So I've posted about this method before. And here it is in truth making it's appearance for the holidays.

So the exact principle I described before is exactly how I did it again. Few slight modifications.

Firstly, this time I had to buy crayons for the project.
(And in the spirit of transparent honesty I will say this, Crayola really is superior for this project. This time I bought a different brand. Still good crayons, but the colors in Crayola I feel are more vibrant.)

And secondly, I bought new molds as well.

Target. $2.50 apiece. WHAT a deal!

And then I got some cute little tins to put them in.

This time however, since the shapes were bigger, I needed about four or five crayons per mold. But that's alright, I really like the bigger shapes.


So! Cost breakdown:
Crayons - two boxes at $1.50 apiece
Molds - two at $2.50 apiece (but can be reused)
Tins - three at $1 apiece
Per present: $3.66 per present.

Not bad at all :)

How's the rest of you doing out there? On track? Behind? I admit, I'm a little behind. Thanksgiving whopped me quite a bit. But I'm back on my game now! ;) Next project coming together in the next couple of days...


  1. I use Prang soy crayons to color my candles. Those look super-awesome, Al-I'm gonna have to go pick up a couple of those molds.

  2. I love these!!! In truth, I'm a twinge behind, but not tragically so, I'll be buying some supplies tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a few good workdays in this week/weekend, and I should be all caught up :)