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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Homedid Crayons

People, I had a ton of fun. And I mean a TON of FUN making these. I can tell right now that this is getting added to my "Homedid Christmas" list. The most labor intensive part was the peeling and snapping of all the crayons. But if you have older children, slave labor and problem solved :)

So here we go! Homedid Crayons!

Firstly, I did NOT invent this process. I got the idea from And she in turn, ganked it from someone else. So if you want source material, there you go.

Secondly, when I saw this I immediately thought of Christmas. And then I got a b-day invite for Todd's cousins kid's 2nd birthday. THIS would be perfect. They lead a minimalistic life, they requested no gifts and they LOVE homedid/pre-loved things. These crayons fit every category.

So first, you need crayons. I happened to have a box full of old, some broken, mostly dull hot mess crayons from about 10 years ago.

Then you seperate them into colors. This I discovered is pretty subjective, so I decided right away to make some tyedyed ones.

Then, get 'em naked.

Next, take your silicone mold (I got mine at Joanne Fabrics with a 50% off coupon so it was $6) put it on a cookie sheet in case you have run off and fill your cups. I used two crayons per cup and it worked perfectly.

Then, bake them in a 250 degree over for 20 to 30 minutes. I checked mine at 20, saw they weren't totally melted and kept them in another few minutes. Pull them out and let the whole business cool for an hour. I turned my oven off between batches.

After about an hour, I popped them out of the mold (SUPER easy since the silicone has a lot of give to it) and set them out on my counter to harden up fully.

(I apologize I really am a HORRIBLE photographer.)

And voila! That's it folks! I made two batches using a full box of crayons. Only the browns were left over. Which is fine because I wanted bright colors anyhow. I packaged half the goodies up in a reused peanut butter jar :)

(Again, I'm just God awful at taking pictures.)

This blog was written in the quick and dirty style because I REALLY wanted to get this posted for the people that requested it. If you need any more info, hit me up :)