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Friday, June 10, 2011

What we ate Wednesday

So as you may, or may not know, I follow a vegan blog. I don't know why. I'm not vegan. I don't plan to become vegan (so who the hell cares if they blog? Anyone? ANYONE get the reference?.) I used to be vegetarian purely because my colon hated me, but that's another blog. And this vegan has a little segment she does called "What We Ate Wednesday". And I have to say, not only is her food lovely to look at, but the picture composition is usually pretty stunning.

But here's my beef.

I don't buy it. I think she "poses" her food.

Because I don't know about you, but MY child is a HOT MESS when she eats.

So, because at heart I'm exceptionally vain and egotistical, here we go:

What the Griffins done did Eat Thursdays! (correct grammar is for hipster douches)

I haven't necessarily decided if I will post this blog ON Thursday, or take pictures of the Thursday meals. But Thursday is the day I picked. Hell, it might end up meaning nothing. You know how I can be.

So currently it's Thursday (Lord knows how many days this blog'll sit in the 'edit' pile. I have one in there from two weeks ago I still can't decide if it's too mean or I should just post it.) And this morning I went grocery shopping. I thought it was chillier than it turned out to be, so I threw on my 20 year old tyedyed shirt, my birks and some jeans and hit the store. What I find hilarious about that outfit is that while there I purchased four BOXES of granola and corn, mangoes, strawberries and potatoes. A buttload of produce. Crunchy hippy, I sure do pass as one.

But these strawberries got me thinking...strawberry shortcake! So I came home and literally spur of the moment whipped myself up a batch of buttermilk biscuits from scratch.

And here is the point in the program where I tell you about a very little known, yet RIDICULOUSLY handy little kitchen supply that you should have.

Namely, powdered buttermilk.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't really USE that much buttermilk. Today's little journey ONLY happened because of the awesome strawberries (that were buy one get one free!) that I got at the supermarket. But this is EXACTLY why I like to keep this stuff on hand. Buttermilk normally would get used once and then the leftover would slowly migrate to the back of my fridge and turn to a disgusting funk that would stink up my whole kitchen after several weeks.

This little canister yes, lives in my fridge, but I only make as much as I need. No muss! No fuss!

Since the buttermilk was on my counter, another though hit me. Fried chicken! I soak my thawed chicken in buttermilk before I fry it to (up the calories) keep it moist while frying. So BAZINGA! I tossed that shit in the liquid and let it sit for about five hours.

I'm not posting a picture of that. It's raw chicken.

However, I will show you my fantastic assembly line for breading.

And...for good measure...fry you bastards FRY!

(fyi if any of you follow my facebook, it's Friday at this point and I'm drinking. Let's see how quickly we can get this blog to go downhill, shall we?)

I call this next section: Baby with a coffee cup. Full of mac n cheese.

And in the spirit of transparent honesty. If you think just because I make biscuits from scratch that my kitchen is Martha-clean, allow me to debunk that.

Second glass of wine. Man I'm feeling fine!
(See what I did there?)

So, we ate. Wow this blog is going great...

Hm...I seemed to have skipped over dinner. It's chicken. You've all seen chicken. Hey, I WARNED you this blog might not be that great :) So I'll just end with that. Dessert. And it was fucking delicious.

(memo to self: write better blog next time. Though I'm still posting it. Because the whole POINT of this blog is show my imperfection. I like to think I accomplished that tonight.)


  1. Apparently I went back in time a week and posted this LAST friday. Creepy.

  2. Nobody, but NOBODY, can make me laugh like you :)

  3. It's my specialized style of self-depreciating humor :) I make fun of myself better than anyone else can make fun of me and I have no shame. Whatsoever. At is horrifically apparent by what you just read.