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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Summer of My New Content

*dusts herself off*

Well HAI there!

I know, I KNOW. It's been too long. Let me explain. I stepped back from this blog. From lots of things actually. Because people are judgement douchenozzles that can't seem to keep their faces shut. This blog made me question almost every parenting choice I made. And I did not like being made to feel like I was failing at being a mommy.

So I stopped blogging. I cleared my friends list of dead weight. And over the past few months slowly had a core meltdown.

And now I'm just about done being nice. Not saying I'm a mean person, but I'm done pretending to tiptoe through the fucking tulips to make people happy.

I am NOT Mary Poppins. Nothing in the rule books says I can't be a mom AND swear. I am NOT a pair of khakis. I like zombie movies, video games and classic rock. And there is NOTHING wrong with any of that.

That being said, the blog is BACK ON baby!

This past year has brought a TON of changes in baby. She's cruising! She's talking! She waves! She barks, she drools...we're trying to curb those behaviors though :) And I think the world needs more examples of "real" parents. You people with your silent, well bahaved angel babies are either all lying or high on crack. So we're going to try this blog again. Better! Longer! And uncut!

...starting next blog :)


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