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Monday, December 5, 2011

Homedid Giftmas Tags Galore!

Yet another installment coming at you face first to keep you in the Holiday spirit!

I don't know about you but the pre-holiday/zomfgwtfbbqCHRISTMAS is already starting to sink in. Cookie bakes. Gifts to buy. Cards to write and send. Pictures with Santa to be taken. All that snow to shovel away--oh wait not this year...YET.

But you know what I mean. So it felt good tonight to just sit down and do a really quick and simple project that I banged out in about an hour.

I made these tags last year and they were so simple and CHEAP that they are making a joyous comeback this year.

You're going to need: last year's cards, stencils, a pen, a hoel punch, scissors and ribbon.

Rip the back off all your cards, you won't need them. And then start, card by card and find the best stencil for each card and trace it on the card with the pen. If you don't have any stencils, you can just use a water glass of a good size.

Sometimes if you are extra special creative you can get more than one tag out of a card.

So cut all your shapes out and punch a hole into them. Cut a few inches of ribbon and thread it through the hole, tying it into a loop. If you like, on the back, add the 'To/From' for gift giving.

Cost break down: Um...FREE.
Yeah. I don't really think you can beat that.

How you doing out there folks? T minus 20 days!

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