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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Whole Family Homedid

I know, I've mentioned before how much I like homedids. I'm starting to sound a bit broken record-ish.

But THIS is the first homedid that our little Pickle participated in.

Again disclaimer...if you don't want to know what you are getting...

Supplies: Ornaments (purchased), paint, brush, glitter and ribbon (all had on hand).

So remember when I found the idea for the homedid crayons and I blew a gasket over the blogger? Well you can find my next homedid there as well.

But here's something I didn't think of ahead of time. Notice, the these she made CLEARLY look like snowmen.

Add in a toddler...

And things rarely go as planned :)

The THEORY was we paint her hand,

(I really am just a CRAP photographer. I swear she was WAY more into it than this.)

she grabs the ornament. And it looks like snowmen.

I don't know what you see. But I see a turkey. A snow turkey.


Undaunted I continued!

So from there, while wet I sprinkled on a generous helping of glitter. Waited for that mess to dry and then added sharpie written name and year.

Notice the DISTINCT LACK of snowmen shape.

In fact..the handprint faces the floor.

So I admit, not my finest showing.

I added ribbon to hang it on the tree...

and boom!

A snow turkey you can only see if you look at it from the bottom!

Eh, shit happens.

Cost breakdown:
Ornaments - $3.50 8 ornaments x's 2 boxes. 16 Total.
Ribbon, glitter and sharpie - free, on hand.
Per present - 32 cents.

...God I'm so good sometimes I even amaze myself...

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