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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The best laid plans of mice and Alley

Didn't I have this plan?

To blog all the amazenuts things I was going to make for Giftmas?


about that.

I got a job.

Which is AWESOME.

I'm working about 45 hours a week.

Second shift mostly.

The toddler started daycare.

We only have one car.

Peeps, I have NO WORDS for how crazy these past two weeks have been.

Oh, and have I mentioned it's fucking CHRISTMAS??

So I'm sorry I fell off the blog horse.

But I have ACTUALLY been working on them in the off moments I swear :)

Though sadly I DID have to decide against baking bread for Christmas.

I made a choice this morning.

I had every intention of working my fingers to the bone in the kitchen and baking bread all day. Three or four mini loaves for each family. You should SEE all the flour I bought.

And then I popped down on the couch to watch a little bit of the Care Bear movie with my youngin. She turned around and looked up at me and said clear as day "I love you, Momma!" and snuggled into me.

I burst into tears and quickly decided that bread was not worth giving that up.

So you are going to be short a homedid.

I hope you understand :)

To compensate, I offer you pictures of my adorable toddler in her Christmas outfit.



Love and face punches,

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