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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Todd Makes a Homedid!

Again, disclaimer: If you don't know what you are getting for Christmas, don't read any further!

Know what I love about homedid gifts?

I mean aside from the obvious reasons like A) saving money or B) making the gifts that more personal. I like homedids because if you have a family with more people than yourself you have instant slave, I mean 'help' :)

So when the husband told me he would take over making the BBQ rubs, I damn near did a jig on my front lawn (and even if I may have, you don't have proof and I'll never admit to anything).

We waited until the kid's first day of Daycare (oh boy howdy more on that emotional dump truck later...) when we knew we would have a hassle free kitchen. The husband set to mixing while I attacked the tree. It actually wasn't until he was half-way finished that I even thought to take pictures. But I snagged a few for you so BAM!

So...take it away Todd!

(Bonus points if you can read this serial killer scrawl.)

Ingredients: assorted spices, old baby food jars.

Go Todd Go!

He made two different kind of rubs, one for beef and one for pork. But I will say this, we've put them on chicken and fish and potatoes and everything in between. And it never ceases to satisfy.

BAM! Another one *almost* in the books. I still have to write up ingredient tags and label them properly. But I'm not too fussed about it. :)

Cost breakdown:
Baby food jars - had on hand. Free.
Spices - had most on hand, bought a few from store. Under $10.
For 24 jars of rub, for (for the sack of argument)$10, that's 42 CENTS per jar. JUST SAYIN' :)