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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homedid Supplies Roundup!

So I haven't officially started any construction on my homedid projects yet, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been work done.

Most people at this phase in the season are probably all talking about the things they bought for the big celebration.

Now I'm not going to lie, yes, I did buy a FEW things. Things that I just had to because otherwise I didn't have any laying around. But that being said, I spent ALL year saving up different bits of things to use for JUST this time of year.

For example, remember I had a baby? I may have mentioned this once or twice. Well, babies eat a LOT of baby food. That comes in jars. And me in my hippy dippy-ness just could NOT get myself to throw all of them away. So needless to say I have, um a TON of them. And I plan on using them!

Also for the past three years, I've bought new Christmas cards. And what do you do with those last ones that you never send because you bought too many? If you are like me, you stick them in a box and don't remember about them the next year.


I made sure to set them somewhere VERY prominent so I wouldn't forget them. So this year, all mis-matched cards. Why not? Like anyone will noticed that they and their family got different cards. And anyway, I just blew my cover :)

And on a similar note, what do you do with all the cards people send you? Do you throw them away? It's okay, no shame in it. Me? No no, you should know better. I save them every year. Then I take stencils, like stars and circles and I cut out the front pattern in a design. Punch a whole in the top, thread some ribbon and BOOM!

Gift tags!

Aren't I clever?

So I've spent some time gathering those supplies and some glitter, paint, know, basic craft supplies. I am TOTALLY gearing up to make a TON of shit.

And now, the stuff I've bought...
Firstly - I hit up Target in their dollar section. I LOVE the dollar section. You can usually find some pretty amazing things there. Since all the present I am making are going to be homedid, I needed a lot of containers of all shapes and sizes. Here spending just $1 I don't really feel bad if all they do is throw it out when they are done. But I did my absolutely best to find things in tin or trays/baskets that are more than reusable.

Please I implore you - re-gift my baskets!!

And the last thing I've bought, I'm keeping under wraps. It's the one tutorial I am going to save for the very end. It's just THAT awesome in my opinion.

I will tell you this though: I bought two boxes of plain purple glass ornaments. $4 a box at Wal-mart. But easily my most complicated project and boy howdy it BETTER be worth it.

I also sat down earlier this week and wrote THE LIST.
Who's getting send cards.
Who's getting gifts.
What gift they are getting.
How many bags/bows/tags.
Any supplies.

And I'm happy to say that I'm finally ready to start the card writing. A multi-night project as I sit on my ass and watch bad TV :)

Oh, and btw - 38 days and counting.

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