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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So here's the skit...

My camera is officially dead. Which sorta sucks because this camera was on loan to replace my ACTUAL camera that died.

I just have no fucking luck when it comes to technology apparently.

So all the fantabulous home-did specials I had planned (Super Happy Fun Baby Bean Mash, Toymaking 101) and WTGDDE (because I've been on a roll of AWESOME FOOD) and even a garden update (onions, I fucking GROW THEM!) ALLL have been tossed shamelessly to the wayside because I can't snap pictures.

Or draw crappy pictures. (Anyone, anyone else know that blog? I loves it.)

Soooo...I'm at an crossroads. I can either simply explain my home-dids sans pictures. Or wait until I get a new camera (My birthday is on the 29th. Seriously, I need a freaking camera).

Or, like I am doing now, open this up to the peanut gallery.

My darlings, what would you like to see?

I realize that I've fallen slack in the blogging, but a combination of the aforementioned camera ass-fuckery and extreme business in the social commitment/doctor appointments/Alley having an ultra-personal and completely horrendous reaction to a new medication...kinda left me whipped.

But I'm here! I'm doing things! I'm making things! I have things to say dammit!

What would you like to see/hear? Lemmie know.

And if the blog-o-sphere here won't let you comment, drop me some love on AssBook.

Oh and a quick recap of other fun things that's going on:

Vocabulary (words used PROPERLY): 7
Newest word/phrase: Thank you (used at completely improper times)
Steps taken: 1
Reaction from step: Sit down and protest
What happened when we turned on Indiana Jones last week: Dancing and clapping
Number of teeth: 9 (SOOO happy I'm not breastfeeding at this point)
Times she's tried to eat the cat's face: I've lost count. Seriously.

Drop me love! Let me know! Or drop me hate. I work pretty well in both directions...

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