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Friday, August 5, 2011

Super Happy Fun Baby Bean Mash

...or hummus as you may know it.

Now, I know that hummus isn't for everyone. But I have to be honest, I fucking LOVE me some hummus. So when I approached Charlotte with it as one of her very first solids, I was SUPER excited about it. I'm betting that's what has helped to her like it.

Or maybe my kid just likes beans. She'll eat them straight from the can.

Or maybe my hummus is just badass tasty. I'm banking money on that too.

But regardless of the reason, here is my disclaimer: Not every baby may like this. And that's totally cool! They won't DIE if they don't eat hummus. BUT this is a TOTAL WINNER in my house and I'm super confident feeding it to her because I know exactly what goes into it. Plus I lather it on roasted veggie crackers and ZOMFG it's like baby crack.

So let's get started!

You will need:

Food processor, two cans beans of choice*1, cumin*2, lemon juice*3, EVOO, garlic, cheese, spinach*4, kosher salt.

*1 Hummus is NOT just garbanzo beans, at least not in this house :) I've used pink, red and even black beans. Today however, I used one can garbanzo, one can small white.
*2 USUALLY the spice of choice is tahini. I admit, I've never bought the stuff. I use cumin every time and no one complains.
*3 I do agree though that FRESH lemon juice just is the bomb. However, most times I don't have any. So I use bottled.
*4 I've also used spring mix, arugula and basically anything green and leafy in the hummus. However, it's not NEEDED. I just like it. Same with the cheese.

1.) Drain your bean juice into a bowl. You may or may not need it later. Rinse the beans and put them into your food processor.

2.) Crank you food processor on and LEAVE it on. I usually go wash my hands. As the beans break down they will release more of their natural oils the longer they're mashed. This means less liquid you will have to add to it later to thin it out. But when you're satisfied, they should still look a little stiff.

3.) Start the proc back up and add in +/- 2 TBS lemon juice, 1 TBS EVOO, 1 tsp salt and +/- 2 tsp cumin while running. It should thin out considerably. But don't make it TOO thin. You can't make it thicker, but you can *always* make it thinner. And nobody like hummus soup.

4.) Add in your greens, garlic and cheese. No measurements. Completely to taste.

5.) Here's how you tell it's too thick, your greens barely move in the mix.

This is what we saved the bean juice for! So again, while running I add about two Mississippi's worth of juice. Total accurate measurements, huh? :)

But again, play it by eye. You're hummus should scrape off the side with just a swish of your spoon.

Annnnnnd that's it! Let's give it a taste taste...

I will probably eat this every day for the next week, same with the baby. I will make wraps and use this instead of mayo. I will spread it on crackers. I will dip carrot sticks in it. I Fucking Love Hummus.

And I'm not the only one! Look how totally super happy fun she is! She's so excited she doesn't even have EYES!!

Enjoy folks!

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