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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simple Pleasures, day 2

I am in a rabid mood. Purely volatile. Horrifically nasty.

This is really really short today.

The No Suck Zone:

1.) The kid said "Elmo". Clearly. Questioningly. While looking at the dvds. As in "Mother dear, WHERE are all the Elmo shows??"

I don't really have anything else.

I had fully intended to post today about the amazingness that were to be my homedid cinnamon rolls.

Alas, I failed.

No, that's not true...the RECIPE failed me.

But, in case you think that because I have a blog, and I'm funny and I cook things that I am without flaw...allow me to correct you.

They didn't rise. They were hard. And they took twice as long to bake as they should have.

*stabby eyes*

So there you go. Indignant happiness. Happiness against my will.

She said Elmo. *sigh*

Better tomorrow? One can hope.

Hopefully she won't get stuck IN the wrought iron railing again today.

Oh yes...again.

But THAT is another blog.

Love and face punches,

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