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Sunday, September 4, 2011

WTGDDE Ver 3.0

Oh yes, this is MY child digging in a vat of KFC mac n cheese.


So as our summer winds to a close, let's take a look at some of the highlights, shall we? Culinary style!

We took Charlotte to the zoo for the first time in June. And we also had our first picnic.

Picnics are obviously srs bidniz.

Daddy and her shared her first ice cream cone :)

Then THE BIRTHDAY came and went...

Daddy made brisket!

Fourth of July hit and we did NOT have the energy to cook.


Mid july came and we did some Hawaiian bbq-ing.

Hawaiian chicken and pineapple brown rice.

Someone had pasta...

July drew to a close. Hey, you ever wonder how the Griffins do coffee? :)

Breakfast of champions: leftover sausage that was cooked up the night before with garlic, butter and beer. Homedid home fries. Spinach and egg white scrambles. Homedid bread.

August rolled in and Todd did most of the cooking.

Smoked ribs, mac n cheese and homedid bread.

Charlotte discovered handheld omelets while we were on vacation.

I made Yankee Pot roast Casserole! Which unfortunately doesn't photograph well. This is the best of the bunch...

And so far, that's what we got :)

I've tried a few more recipes this summer, those pics are coming.

How do we feel about THIS kind of food pr0n? :)

Love and face punches,

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